Van Chry's is a company that works in the business of food supplements; we offer the market a unique product - a composition that minimizes the negative effects of alcohol. We have a revolutionary new product that reduces the negative effects of alcohol by 75-90%, which means that people who consume Van Chry's avoid the negative effects on this percentage.

The composition of VanChry's has a fusion of ingredients that is fantastic, among other characteristics, has extraordinary antioxidants and is an excellent liver protector.


In the short term we want to be one of the largest food supplement company in the world.


Transparency, financial discipline and meritocracy are the values that animate Van Chry's.


We want to combat and collaborate against the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption in our contemporary societies.


Monthly maintenance € 75 / month


HOW IT Works


Experience being part of a solid, serious, transparent and rigorous company. Our meritocratic culture makes our project a living machine to support our affiliate team. We are a sustainable MLM company with a tangible product and a support team that allows its affiliates to solve all your problems.

What sets us apart from others is that our product is unique in the world market. We campaign against the abuse of alcohol and so we offer a product that reduces its negative effects.

University Awards

Van Chry's


Van Chry's finances your university course annually; The requirements are your valid registration with the university and a document proving the acceptance of the student by the same, as well as the fulfillment of all the academic and ethical requirements demanded by the university.

To enjoy all the privileges of Van Chry's University Awards program it’s imperative to keep the same qualification on the qualification plan of the company or to access a higher position in order to obtain superior privileges.

In the qualification position of Baran all the members maintain their privileges; In each title superior to the Baron title, all members receive a greater amount of extraordinary privileges.


Van Chry's has its own philosophy and its own identity; This is why it undertakes to support in part the cultural training of its members.

Van Chry's wants to help reward all its affiliates who come across different titles, whether men or women; This privilege will be received by each member, or by his / her child (one person per title).


Once registered at Van Chry's each member can request information on all features of the University Awards program for each title, as well as information about his/her Health Insurance, an exceptional, comprehensive coverage insurance. From your home residence, you can establish contact with your doctor through videoconference. If you need an analysis you can request it from home, with about 40,000 doctors and more than 1,200 mid-centers at your disposal for any need, hospitalization, surgery, and even personal trainers. It is one of the most comprehensive health insurance in the world, with 24-hour care. Register now, and you can request all documentation.

  • Secretariat University Awards Van Chry's.- offered to all members of the university,
  • A Department of consultations,
  • A dedicated phone number for this department
  • A unique email account,

Anyone affiliated can register in the University Awards Van Chry section and thus receive all the information.

This service is for all affiliates in the countries where Van Chry's is distributing its products, and as long as its affiliates have achieved the necessary qualifications within the necessary qualification plan so that they can enjoy this privilege.

Affiliates in a foreign country have the possibility that their child, or the person who has obtained the necessary Van Chry's title, can go to Spain to study at their local universities (one person by title). As long as you meet the required profile that Spanish universities require, simply contact the University Awards Van Chry's section where you will be supported in all matters concerning studying at a university in Spain.

  • Depending on the university that the member chooses we will give all the support in the necessary documentation for the entry of the student
  • We will inform you about the different possibilities for choosing a residence
  • You will always have the University Awards Van Chry's Department at your disposal.
  • Depending on the member's title, Van Chry can even put a vehicle at his disposal, as well as other exclusive privileges

These benefits are for all Van Chry's members who are eligible to participate in the program.


Is Van Chry's a sustainable MLM company? Why?

Van Chry's has a tangible product, verified by two independent laboratories in Spain. Our fee structure is sustainable: we are audited by an an internationally renowned company and supported by experts who ensure that our company is solidly in the world market.

Can I register without being through a Van Chry's member?

No. To be part of this project its only possible through a Van Chry's affiliate.

Van Chry's suggests somehow irresponsible consumption of alcohol?

No. Van Chry's is strongly opposed against abusive alcohol consumption. The project Van Chry's was born with a strong facet of social responsibility and sense of mission. Our product actively fights against the negative effects of alcohol, while we appeal to your responsible and moderate consumption.

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